#yubico is driving me mad and I haven't even set up my keys yet. On their website they provide developer #PGP keys for verifying the #appimage (developers.yubico.com/Software), yet they don't provide a *signed* version! Does anyone know where they keep it? I've looked everywhere...

#verification #OpenPGP #security #Yubikey

@syntax Erm, @mig5 might know. He set up some stuff for us, a while ago now though...? 🤔

@greg_harvey @syntax I can see sig links next to ‘AppImage’ on this page? developers.yubico.com/yubikey-

but sadly I never used the appimage, just Linux packages from repos, or the validation server/ksm server straight from GitHub, sorry

Thanks anyway. I installed the snap instead but now I'm getting "qml: failed to update readers: no_pcscd" straight after launching, even though the pcscd-service is "active (running)"

Finally! What a hassle. I've made progress and am finally seeing an 'Add account' button after running the following: "sudo systemctl stop pcscd", "sudo systemctl stop pcscd.socket" and "sudo snap restart yubioath-desktop.pcscd"

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