Sometime I'm a bit depressed that we are like only 2-3 people working on #YunoHost core (there are way more people working on applications).

Those are also nearly the same people working on all our backoffice tools (like the dyndns server).

Btw, if you want to join I'm totally ready to mentor you if you want :)

Our core is in simple python, the admin in simple javascript/markdown (full js frontend) and the sso in lua/nginx (but we don't touch it very often).

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@bram I will take a look (sysadmin, nginx, can’t help with js though). But it’s hard, I need paid work, all the fun stuff is not well funded, so sad 😞

@bram oh lol someone boosted this 2 year old toot.. just realised

@mig5 yeah 😅

I don't have that much time anymore but I can still guide you if you want ^w^

But yeah, not that much money for this work :(

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