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Australia’s COVIDSafe app has not detected a case despite 6 million downloads


The only problem with this article is the focus on whether this means the app “isn’t functioning properly”.

That’s not the message to convey.

The message is that as usual: regular, human-driven detective work is perfectly suitable. Privacy-invading technology is not the hammer with which to treat everything as a nail. Just like surveillance/encryption backdoors.

As predicted, the US now trying to follow Australia’s 2018 lead by making mathematics illegal theregister.com/2020/06/24/us_

@bram oh lol someone boosted this 2 year old toot.. just realised

@bram I will take a look (sysadmin, nginx, can’t help with js though). But it’s hard, I need paid work, all the fun stuff is not well funded, so sad 😞

TIL: OpenVPN 2.4 rejects client connections when “CRL has expired” mig5.net/blog/openvpn-2-4-crl-

Just finished ‘The System’ from the razor-sharp mind of James Ball: “how an invention once hailed as a democratising force has concentrated power in places it already existed – that the system, in other words, remains the same as it did before.”

The message is clear; that many things need to be done to fix the mess that is the internet, that there is no silver bullet, and that old solutions may not lend themselves well to new iterations of the same challenges.

The OTF also helps fund Localization Lab, who drive a lot of translation work for many open source tools, including OnionShare. Their team and volunteers are incredible. They’ve even taught me to write English in a way that is less ambiguous to translate.

Please sign this petition saveinternetfreedom.tech

@greg_harvey @syntax sorry I see that’s just for the Qt Manager. I guess they remember for some of their tools but not others :s

@greg_harvey @syntax I can see sig links next to ‘AppImage’ on this page? developers.yubico.com/yubikey-

but sadly I never used the appimage, just Linux packages from repos, or the validation server/ksm server straight from GitHub, sorry

I wrote the Stem implementation for the ONION_CLIENT_AUTH control port commands, if anyone wants to help test: github.com/torproject/stem/pul

@schlink sorry I didn’t realise Book Depository is owned by Amazon til now!

@schlink I use Book Depository, and I also usually use booko.com.au to find the best price (I think you can set US region)

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