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@greg_harvey @syntax I can see sig links next to ‘AppImage’ on this page?

but sadly I never used the appimage, just Linux packages from repos, or the validation server/ksm server straight from GitHub, sorry

I wrote the Stem implementation for the ONION_CLIENT_AUTH control port commands, if anyone wants to help test:

@schlink sorry I didn’t realise Book Depository is owned by Amazon til now!

@schlink I use Book Depository, and I also usually use to find the best price (I think you can set US region)

TIL: added Control Port support for adding Client Auth in v3 onions, but only for the ‘client’ side (e.g TBB).

There is, as yet, no way to add the onion service side’s Client Auth settings via the Control Port.

In other words, Client Auth can’t be used with v3 *ephemeral* onions. (so not with , or even via Stem’s create_ephemeral_hidden_service())

Just stating for the record that I stepped down from the role of sysadmin at Whonix, this week.

@nusenu I’m new to your OrNetStats (thanks for providing). Is this current status typical of the ubiquitous nifty family (that I seem to see in almost every circuit :( )? Seems pretty bad?

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What can be done about all these nifty servers :/ I don’t think I’ve seen entry/exit nodes match up with them (at least when I’ve been looking), but I don’t like seeing so many nifty relays across all my circuits, as in once per *every* circuit almost all the time.

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That’s what you want... at least 4 Tor circuits all with an exit node in the same /24 and similar nickname 😵

Just finished up a sysops consulting gig at Freedom of the Press (FPF), it was great!

I now have some availability, so I’m looking to work for similar orgs in the privacy/freedom space, between 10-20 hours a month.

I work as a freelance sysadmin since 2007. I live in Australia (GMT+10) but work mostly with orgs in Europe and USA.

If interested or if you want more info, please visit

Back on my own instance 🙄

I’m a freelance sysadmin consultant since 2007. Currently working on cool open source privacy projects such as . I’ve also contributed in different shapes and sizes to QubesOS, Tails, Haven, OSSEC, and others in that sort of space 🧅🔒

Been on and off Masto since the great wave of 2017 🌊

Available for hire to help provision, manage or harden your servers, automate the deployment of your apps etc


Private instance of mig5