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Just finished up a sysops consulting gig at Freedom of the Press (FPF), it was great!

I now have some availability, so I’m looking to work for similar orgs in the privacy/freedom space, between 10-20 hours a month.

I work as a freelance sysadmin since 2007. I live in Australia (GMT+10) but work mostly with orgs in Europe and USA.

If interested or if you want more info, please visit

Back on my own instance 🙄

I’m a freelance sysadmin consultant since 2007. Currently working on cool open source privacy projects such as . I’ve also contributed in different shapes and sizes to QubesOS, Tails, Haven, OSSEC, and others in that sort of space 🧅🔒

Been on and off Masto since the great wave of 2017 🌊

Available for hire to help provision, manage or harden your servers, automate the deployment of your apps etc

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